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1. Biggest
CarXP is the BIGGEST online selling platform from EX-LEASING – DEALER and DAMAGED second hand cars in Europe with more then 3000 cars online every week!
2. Free
CarXP use is completely free!
CarXP has NO extra sales fee’s!
3. Best Price
CarXP sells cars straight from banks, leasing, assurances and dealers to PRIVAT and PROFESSIONAL buyers, so you always will get more car for less money.
4. Pickup & delivery.
Confirmed cars can be picked up all at the same place @ B-8890 Dadizele, Belgium. Belgian Clients can enjoy a FREE delivery at home from the car(s) they bought.
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Online available cars: 1895
  • Look&Buy cars : 743

  • Regular cars : 590

  • damaged cars : 547

  • Trucks : 0

  • Exclusive cars : 0

  • Technical cars : 0

  • Cars for PartsOnly : 15

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CarXP is fast growing in Europe!
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